Country Name and Currencies

General Knowledge multiple choice questions here cover topics like Country Name and Currencies Mcqs. List of Country Name and Currencies Waterfal and Deserts.

1. Lek is the Currency of Albania.
2. Dram is the Currency of Armenia.
3. Kwanza is the Currency of Angola.
4. Australian Dollars is the Currency of Australia.
5. Manat is the currency of Azerbaijan
6. Taka is the Currency of Bangladesh
7 Boliviano is the currency of Bolivia.
8. Euro is the currency of Belgium replaced Belgium Francs.
9. Bhutanese Ngultrum Indian Rupee is the Currency of Bhutan.
10. Boliviano is the Currency of Bolivia.
11. Bulgarian Lev is the currency of Bulgaria.
12. Cambodian Riel  is the currency of Cambodia.
13. Dong is the currency of Vietnam country.
14. The currency of Spain is Euro.
15. The currency of Singapore is  Dollar.
16. The currency of Saudi Arabia is _Riyal.
17. The currency of Russia is  Ruble.
18. The currency of Qatar is  Riyal.
19. The currency of Portugal is Euro.
20. The currency of Philippines is  Peso.
21. The currency of Peru is Peruvian Sol.
22. The currency of Pakistan is  Pakistani Rupee.
23. The currency of Panama is  Balboa.
24. The currency of Oman is Rial.
25. The currency of Norway is Krone.
26. The currency of Nigeria is Naira.
27. The currency of New Zealand is Dollar.
28. Currency of Netherlands is Euro.
29. Currency of Nepal is Rupee.
30.  Currency of Namibia is Dollar.
31. Currency of Myanmar (Burma) is Kyat.
32. Currency of Morocco is  Dirham.
33. Currency of Mexico is Peso.
34. Currency of Maldives is Rufiyaa.
35. Currency of Malaysia is Ringgit.
36. Currency of Kuwait is Dinar.
37. Currency of Libya is Dinar.
38. The currency of South Korea is Won.
39. The currency of North Korea is Won.
40. The currency of Kenya is Shilling.
41. The currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge.

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