General knowledge questions with answers for all competitive exams. GK questions in English MCQs for test preparation. Question answer GK for government jobs test preparation. Trivia questions and answers with explanations. General knowledge MCQs here cover topics such as PPSC, FPSC, NTS, SPSC, ETEA. Random trivia MCQs for GK

GK Mcqs
1International Days Mcqs2World Famous Airlines Mcqs
3World country and Capital Mcqs4International Organization Mcqs
5Investions and discoveries6Books and Authors
7Famous Personalities8World Geography
9General Abbreviations10Country Name and Currencies
11World River and Dams12World Mountain and Glaciers
13Important Places14Waterfal and Deserts
15Smallest and Largest in the World16Sports
17Awards and Honours18First in the World Mcqs
19World Intelligence Agency Mcqs20World National Trees
21World National Animal22National River mcqs
23World National Montain24National Flower Mcqs
25Weapons MCQs26Famous Lakes of the World MCQs
27Famous Beach MCQs28Famous Bridges Mcqs
29National Flags MCQs30Landlocked Country Mcqs
31News Agency Mcqs32History of USA Mcqs
33World Tallest Tower Mcqs34World Famous Tunnel Mcqs
35Largest Producer36Independence Day Mcqs
37World Famous Language38Disasters mcqs
39National Symbols Mcqs40Days and Nights Mcqs
41Country Nikname Mcqs42China Mcqs
43World Movies and Actors Mcqs44Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
45Famous Temple and Church Mcqs46Famous City of the world
47Famous School Mcqs48Famous Universities
49World Famous Company and Owner50World Famous Language
51Urdu General Knowledge Mcqs52