Civil Engineering MCQS

Civil Engineering MCQs with answers for test preparation. The multiple-choice questions here cover topics like building construction, construction materials, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering construction, AutoCAD civil engineering, basic surveying, highway engineering, environmental engineering, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, airport engineering, civil and structural engineering analysis. This website is the best for Civil Engineering MCQs.

Civil Engineering MCQS
01Building Materials and Construction14Surveying Mcqs
o2Highway Engineering15Hydraulics and Fluid mechanics
03Structural Design Specifications16Strength of Materials
04Engineering Economy17Airport Engineering
05Design Of Masonary Structures18Design Of Concrete Structures
06Tunnel engineering19RCC Structures Design
07Fluid Mechanics20Railway Engineering
08Environmental Engineering21Theory of Structures
09Estimating and Costing22Structural Analysis
10Water Supply Engineering23Design Of Steel Structures
11Waste water Engineering24Elements of Remote Sensing
12Dock and Harbor Engineering25Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
13Construction Planning Management26Irrigation,Water Resources Engineering and Hydrology