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  • Antonym of “Vague” :

    A. Immaterial
    B. Compulsory
    C. Definite
    D. Blurred

    Vague means جو صاف نہ ہو، دھندلا ہوا

  • Antonym of “Dwarf” is ?

    A. huge
    B. enormous
    C. gaint
    D. tiny

    Dwarf means پست قد والا آدمی

  • Antonym of ADULTERATION is ?

    A. Purification
    B. Clearance
    C. Contamination
    D. Determination

    ADULTERATION جعلی، کھوٹ

  • Antonym of CHASTE is ?

    A. Unblemished
    B. Virginal
    C. Platonic
    D. Impure

    Chaste نیک، پارسا، نظم و ظبط والا

  • Antonym of EXASPERATE is ?

    A. Agitate
    B. Infuriate
    C. Imitate
    D. Placate

    Exasperate غصہ
    Agitate غصہ دلانا
    Infuriate مشتعل کرنا

  • Antonym of RESTIVE is ?

    A. Active
    B. Patient
    C. Deceptive
    D. Rigorous

    Restive بے چین

  • Antonym of TRUCULENT ?

    A. Confident
    B. Gentle
    C. Brave
    D. None of them

  • Antonym of transmit is ?

    A. Revoke
    B. Proceed
    C. Withheld
    D. None of them

  • Antonym of BLOOMING IS ____?

    A. Quite
    B. Fading
    C. Lively
    D. None of them

  • opposite of “demur” ?

    A. Crude
    B. Falter
    C. Embrace
    D. Boisterous

    Embrace گلے لگانا