Most important pedagogy MCQs with answers for test preparation, such as PPSC, PST, FPSC, NTS, STS, SPSC, KPPSC, SST, ETEA, and BPSC. Pedagogy in education MCQs with answers for competitive exams and interviews. MCQs on pedagogy for entry tests.

  • Education system of Pakistan is inspired by whom ?

    A. UK
    B. UAE
    C. Russia
    D. US

  • To raise the standard of education, it is necessary to _______ ?

    A. to revise curriculum
    B.  to make good school building
    C.  to evaluate students continuously
    D. to give high salary to teachers

  • What is the theme of the World Teachers Day 2021 ?

    A. Teachers to be taught
    B. Teachers at the heart of education recovery
    C. We care for Teachers
    D. Support for Teachers

  • Who is considered as “Father of Education” ?

    A. Horace Mann
    B. Aristotle
    C. Maxwell
    D. None of them

  • Which one is not the component of the curriculum ?

    A. Curriculum design
    B. Abilities
    C. Design
    D. Evaluation

  • Curriculum development refers to the total process of curriculum ?

    A. Implementing
    B. Evaluating
    C. Designing
    D. All of them

  • Without suitable curriculum, aims of education ?

    A. Cannot be achieved
    B. Can be changed
    C. Can be achieved
    D. None of them

  • Logical order of content organization is to arrange the content according to _______ ?

    A. Design
    B. Logical sequence
    C. Course
    D. Behavior

  • Keeping in view the types of students in a class are generally grouped as _______ ?

    A. Below average
    B. Above average
    C. Average
    D. All

  • Base on which the subject activities and experience are planned is called _____ ?

    A. Logical sequence
    B. Design
    C. Course
    D. Behavior