List of World Sports Mcqs

1. Ahmad Shahzad is the first Pakistani to hit century in T20I cricket.
2. Pakistan played first test match 1952.
3. 21 points are there in badminton.
4. ICC stands for International cricket council.
5. Pele has scored the most goals ever in football history.
6. ODI stands for One Day International.
7. 28 inches (71.12 cm) is the height of cricket wickets.
8. Birmingham, United Kingdomhas been Selected as the Host for the 22nd.
9. Edition of Commonwealth Games to be held in 2022.
10.  Netherlands Runner Up Team In 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup.
11. Srilanka is the winner of Asia Emerging Cricket Cup 2018.
12. Pakistani cricketer Shahzaib hassan banned for one year period due to PSL spot fixing.
14. Pakistan Balls were used For 2018 FIFA World Cup.
15. 11 Players on a field Hockey Team.
16. 5 Players are in basketball on the court at one time.
17. 15 September 2018 Asia Cup 2018 will be Started.
18.  23 Feb 2016 Islamabad United won First title of PSL.
19. 14 countries participated in first Olympics.
20. ICC was founded in the year 1909.
21. Islamabad United team has won third edition of PSL.
22. Islamabad United team has won PSL title twice.
23. Ahmed Shehzadwas the First Pakistani Player to have a hundred in T20Is.
24.  6 Players Players are in a Volleyball Team.
25. 4 Players Players in Polo Team on each side.
26. 16 feathers in shuttle in badminton.
27.  Pakistan cricket team hold top position in ICC T20 international ranking 2018.
28. Roger Federer is Current Winner of 2018 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final.