List of Important Abbreviations for All Written Exam and Govt Jobs Test.

WAPDA : Water and Power Development Authority.
MES : Military Engineer Services.
AFIS : Automated Finger Identification System.
RBOD : Right Bank Outfall Drain.
PML : Pakistan Muslim League.
LDA  : Lahore Development Authority.
SSS  : Social Security System.
SSP :  Senior Superintendent of Police.
MRI  : Magnetic Resonance imaging.
CNN  : Cable News Network
MSc  :  Masters of Sciences.
GDP : Gross Domestic Product.
ILO : International Labour Organization.
GPO  : General Post Office.
CPI  :  Consumer Price Index.
UDC :  Upper Division Clerk.
 LDC : Lower Division Clerk.
F.B.I : Federal Bureau of Investigation.
EMF : Electromotive Force.
OBOR : One Belt One Road.
LFO : Legal Framework Order.
Pok :  Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
CAI : Computer-Assisted Instruction.
NAFTA : North American Free Trade Agreement.
Date : Day and Time Evolution.
UPS : Uninterruptible power supply.
PPI : Pixels Per Inch.
IMEI : International Mobile Equipment Identity.
TB : Tubercle Bacillus.
TB : Tuberculosis.
VCD : Video Compact Disc.
OGRA : Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.
SMS : Short Message Service.
OGDC : Oil And Gas Development Corporation.
NMD : National Missile Defence.
MNP : Mobile Number Probability.
FBR : Federal Board of Revenue.
GST : General Sales Tax.
CVT : Capital Value Tax.
ITO : Income Tax Officer.
NTN : National Tax Number.
FY : Financial Year.
YoY : Year on year.
PBC : Pakistan Bar Council.
PLC : Pakistan Law Commission.
PPC : Pakistan Penal Code.
PBC : Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.
PCG : Pakistan Coast Guards.
Very Important Knowledge of general Abbreviations